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Cash for junk cars in Kent, Washington

Sell Your Used Car to Our Shop in Kent, Washington

A broken down car can be a constant inconvenience. Not only do many older vehicles start to look shabby as they age, but the years and miles may show up in the way your car handles in everyday situations.
These vehicles can feel like a significant burden, especially when they sit in a garage or driveway taking up space that you could use to store a more useful item. Don’t hold onto a vehicle that doesn’t meet your needs—sell your used car to Budget Auto Wrecking in Kent, Washington, today.

Get Cash for Your Car

While your vehicle may not provide you with reliable transportation anymore, our auto wrecking center can find plenty of ways to use the vehicle. When you sell your used car to us, we pay you a fair market price in cash immediately so you don’t have to stay in limbo trying to decide the best way to deal with an inoperable vehicle.
You can bring your car to our Kent, Washington, location or schedule a pick-up at your convenience. Our friendly and experienced team picks up and tows cars that could be difficult to move on your own at no charge to you.
Get your old car off your property once and for all when you sell to us.

Invest in Your Future

As a family-owned and -operated business, Budget Auto Wrecking understands how important it is for individuals and families to have vehicles that they can rely on. If your car just won’t cut it, sell your used car to us as an investment in your future.
Whether you use the cash to put a down payment on your dream vehicle or balance your finances, you can feel confident that the money you make is more useful than a non-functional car gathering dust.
Schedule a pick-up anywhere in the SeaTac area by calling 253-852-6363.