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Professional Auto Wrecking in Kent, Washington

You may own a number of vehicles in your lifetime, from your first gas guzzler to a family van to a classic restoration piece to a heavy-duty hauler. And you’re not alone—many individuals keep each car for only four to six years.
But what happens to those vehicles once they outlive their usefulness? Many cars can be resold, but some, like the outdated clunker from your teenage years, don’t have what it takes to stay on the road. That’s where Budget Auto Wrecking comes in. We buy cars in the Kent, Washington, that are on their last leg and give these vehicles new life as individual parts.

Our Auto Wrecking Services

We offer comprehensive auto wrecking services, from car purchase to parts resale. We pay cash for older vehicles and bring them to our five-acre inventory lot. Once these cars arrive, our team assesses each vehicle and dismantles it to salvage usable parts.
These parts may include any component from windshields and windows to tiny, but essential, engine components. Once all possible parts are salvaged, we provide interested customers with access to these components at steep discounts when compared to the same automotive parts sold new or through a traditional parts supplier.

Our Commitment to Being Cost-Effective

Since 1973, Budget Auto Wrecking has been committed to providing clients with the auto parts they need at prices they’ll love. We’ve become the state’s largest dealer of used auto parts to ensure that our customers have the highest possible chance of finding the particular components they need.
We also provide warranties for our largest ticket items, like engines and transmissions, so you can feel confident in your purchase.
Whether you’re looking for salvage parts to maintain an older vehicle, avoid costly repairs, or be mindful of the energy expenditures related to auto parts manufacturing, we’re here to help.
Call us today at 253-852-6363 to inquire about a specific auto part or to learn more about visiting our Kent, Washington, inventory lot.